City of Chandler, Arizona

City of Chandler

In recent years, Chandler’s borders have been expanded and the population has boomed — from 30,000 in 1980 to more than 240,000 today. The economic base of Chandler has been diversified. While agriculture is still somewhat of a vital element, Chandler now enjoys a strong manufacturing and electronics sector.

The downtown storefronts have been restored to a modern version of their original turn-of-the-century look, and the plaza has been redesigned and named after the City’s founder. The Center for the Arts, new parks, restaurants and retail centers mark an exciting future for the City.

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Chandler Chamber of Commerce

Chandler Senior Center

Chandler Police Department
Emergency: 9.1.1
Non-Emergency: 480.782.4000

Chandler Fire Department
Emergency: 9.1.1
Non-Emergency: 602.253.1191

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